Do You Really Mean Business?

What is your incomplete profile costing you?

After snooping around on various professional business networks and local directories, I encountered numerous business listings where that "first impression" was not impressive,  because either their accounts lacked a profile picture, they neglected to list a category, the 'about us' was blank, or it was simply out-dated and incomplete.

The first impression an incomplete profile makes on a potential client is not good.  An incomplete listing can hurt your business.  Does the online platform that you have failed to maintain represent a 'don't care' brand, will potential customers have the confidence and desire to make a 'referral' and 'connection' with your 'don't care' business?

We live in a digital world where consumers use search engines to gather information on local purchases and services.  They seek out your business hours, and contact information online because it helps them save time.  A businesses with a complete listing is more likely to be viewed positively than a businesses with incomplete listings.

Keep it simple:

If you market or list your business online, google yourself, check your business listings, make your contact information easily available, check your links,  review your 'about us' page, and if you want consumers to connect with you it helps to have an image/logo, because we're living in a selfie-image world.

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