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Winning at Happiness and Success

Will making more money make you happy, or will you be happy making more money?
Whom would you rather do business with, someone who is happy, energetic, upbeat and enthusiastic, or someone who is gloomy, negative, downtrodden and boring? Not a hard one to answer is it. Yet time and time again I meet great people who are highly intelligent with great products and services who promote themselves in a less than endearing way. If you want to get on in business - get happy!

Who would you rather spend and evening with, someone who is funny, humorous, compassionate, cheerful, optimistic, loving and caring, or someone who is miserable, depressed, boring, selfish, negative and pessimistic? Again, not a hard one to answer is it. If you want to make friends and enjoy your relationships with people - get happy!

Yes, when you are happy you become more attractive, and that means you attract more positive things to you. By its very nature happiness encourages trust - an important factor in any business …

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